Security Features Price (per chip) Setup Cost
Aligned Edges $0.10 $75
Serialization/Numbering $0.10 $75
UV Images, UV Patterns $0.10 $100
ClearChip® Gloss $0.15 -
Laser Etching (per side) $0.10 $75

Aligned Edges

By default our Specialty Chip edges do not line up with the faces of the chips so it's best to design your chip with a solid color.  We can align the edges to the faces, but it adds about an hour to our setup process (which is where the $75 setup fee).


Serialization & Numbering

We can number a series of chips.  We added this feature for casinos but it's great if you need it for your promotion (chips becomes coupons if they have a unique identifier on them).

UV Images, UV Patterns

Back in January of 2013, the Borgata Winter Poker Open $2 Million Guarantee was suspended, and ultimately cancelled, after counterfeit chips were introduced into the tournament.  Here are the ones we made that they used in 2014 so that could not happen again.

ClearChip Gloss
Add a special gloss coating to your chips.  The coating is rock hard and makes the chips virtually indestructible.

Laser Etching (per side)

We can laser etch either face, both faces, or the side of these chips.